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✔ FREE DMV Road Sign Practice Test (True/False) 2018

Road signs are extremely important while you’re driving. They are able to warn you of possible hazards, inform you of speed limits or road changes, guide you while you’re driving, or inform others of what you’re doing. Road signs are comprised of three different categories: regulatory, such as speed limit signs; warning, such as a lane merging sign; and informative, such as the type that lets you know there is a hospital ahead, which also includes pavement markings, traffic lights, and even vehicle turn signals. Road signs are a set standard across the nation, so no matter what state you hail from, an important part of the DMV written test will be to demonstrate road sign knowledge. You will need to know not only what they are, but also what actions you should take in response to them. This DMV practice test will consist of 40 questions in a true/false format, allowing you to identify road signs, which will help you prepare for your written knowledge test.
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